Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Memorial Day BBQ Summer Extravaganza

Hey its our 2nd annual memorial day show and its up and playing right now!
go listen as we spend the afternoon bbq-ing with Double Tap on the grill, kc and the boys on the guitars, shelley and liz on the friendly good times, and joey and steve on the mic. with plenty of more people in the gallery hanging out.
We play some of our favorite summer jams as we chat about tons of stuff involving our summer moods. Hope you enjoy, thanks for listening!

Memorial Day BBQ Summer Extravaganza

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Summer kickoff show - Memorial Day

Yeah everybody this weekend is Memorial Day Weekend and you know what that means. Memorial Day is the traditional kickoff to summer and so we will be hosting our 2nd annual Memorial Day Kick off to Summer BBQ. (I'm sure you all remember last years extremely succesful Owl Radio bbq and 2 part show)

We will be cooking up the good grub all afternoon while playing some off out favorite summertime jams. Out here in the canyons the afternoons are gorgeous complete with frisbee, creek walks, golf, gold, hot dogs, ice cold drinks,long sunsets, plenty of sublime and devendra, and a late night showing of Point Break, the ultimate summer movie.

So please join us for an all day kickback celebrating everyones favorite season. Contact for info.
Bring supplies and fav summer songs.

Don't forget to listen to the show if you can't make it out.

Thanks all
See you Monday.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Chebela, Chelada, Lets Call The Whole Thing Off

Hey friends sorry we took a bit of the week off, get over it. we're out in the canyon, too busy hanging out to talk to you all.
just kidding but really we had a bit of an aborted show then got wrapped up in the NBA playoffs, god damn both Lakers and Celtics for not being able to close it out.
But now were back with a brand new California Soul titled Chebela, Chelada (download mp3)
Our good friend Dave Thomas came out to hang and then Ryan C. and KC B. rounded off the group with Steve Preston. Lots of jabber on this one but all in good fun, a bit of a throwback to the old days of late night conversations about anything and everything.
Couple of good tunes in there but you gotta search for'em and Ryan and KC play us a tune that aint so bad either.

So go ahead and check it out. keep pace for the future and just drop a little hint, keep May 30th open, especially all you campers out there. *wink-wink.

good times
keep the faith.

California Soul



Sunday, May 10, 2009

Blog Love

Hey friends.
what a weekend, crazy friday night show at the Water Canyon. nice group gathering at the house.
Good to have everyone over and hopefully they had a good night.
Mind the full moon madness as sometimes overcomes people on such evenings, the excitement can be too much to bear and activities turn recklass in moments time.
but nevermind bout that and back to the action which is that Cal Soul has been featured on two different blogs in one week.
First our good friend, Jody from When You Awake wrote a little bit bout us, check it out
So thanks Jody,
and also our local friends at The Coachella Valley Art Scene Blog also gave us a shout out. Big ups to Sarah who came out to the house on Saturday to see what we had going on. See what she wrote about us in this interview, Cal Soul on CVASB

so thanks for the love and support, check out these blogs and tune in this week for a few more shows.


Thursday, May 7, 2009

Season of the Sunday

A friendly afternoon with the boys. the tape deck's out, as are the guitars, and a copy of Jonathan Livingston Seagull is lying open on the table.

Monday, May 4, 2009

To Paulina and Other Saturday Night Conversations

Hey-yo buddys out there in radio land, here we have the newest installment of California Soul. The show features the house gang with few guest like BP (Brian Pescador) and Jody Orsborne who runs a badass blog called http://whenyouawake.com/ she also has a radio show at Little Radio
so check her out.
we really just sit around and chat on this episode as we prepare to venture out to Pappy and Harriett's for the night. ALSO dont forget this friday JUNGLES will be performing at the Water Canyon Cafe in Yucca Valley, CA bunch of other good desert peeps on the bill as well like Carlee Hendrix and Something Vague featuring Bolin Jue.
so come out to the show and then come back to the house for a fire and such and maybe we'll do a show that night.

you know the drill
download the show
creep the myspace

and be friendly.

ps check out thecoachellavalleyartscene.com this week for an itnerview with California Soul.

pss another really sweet episode is going to be uploaded tommorrow so keep up as podcast will increase with the heat of the desert.