Friday, June 19, 2009

Introducing Deathwish

Hey we keep rolling this week with another new podcast, this one features our good friend Chad and his new artistic outing called Deathwish. Lumps spins on the 1s and 2s behind us as we chat with Chad and Double Tap about the new album and a few other friends who are getting things going these days. Plus added live performence from Deathwish himself, so listen in.

Introducing Deathwish mp3

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

California Soul visit the Ace Hotel

Hey the crew headed out to the Ace Hotel on Sunday to check out the party. We brought the tape recorder and did a brief impromptu show poolside. Friends include Tynan of DNT Distribution, Alf Alpha and Sarah of the CVASB, Kaci Borowski and more. Check it out.

and tomorrow we will posting up a new show with our good friend Chad/Deathwish
so stay tuned for that.

cal soul friends madnesss.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

California Sol District

Hey Peter, Sal and Edgar from Sol District came up to the house alst night and recorded a show. We talk about their show tomorrow (June 14th) at the Ace Hotel, their new music and they brings us a few of their favorite tracks. Also we tell about another snake run in. tune in.

Cal Sol District mp3

dont forget to head out to the Ace Hotel in Palm Springs tomorrow. Sol District is going to play with DJ Day and a few other desert acts. gonna be a rad party.

Also stay tuned as our next show will feature our good friend Chad/Deathwish from 14:59, he comes up and talks about his new album and performs, look for it mid week.

talk soon.
have fun.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Wind in the Willows (and a touch of the blues)

Hey all we're back fresh a week of partying, first it was our 2nd Annual Memorial Day show followed by our big campout that hopefully some of you made it out to. The it was the big Boz mans birthday so we had that going down. Today we finally had a chance to sit down and put a new show together, hope you like. Ryan reads a bit, Joey and KC bust a lil music/spoken word duet, I ramble on about music and partys such events and we hear some tunes from Ornette Coleman and Apostle of Hustle. so check it out and keep in touch, its a long summer.

Wind in the Willows (and a touch of the blues)
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be friendly.